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The Kenny Blake Memorial Home Page

Kenny Blake - 1948-1981

Welcome to this very special Home Page, commemorating the life and career of one of Australia's greatest ever motorcycle road racers. December 2007 Update. Recently I was emailed some very precious photos of Kenny at Daytona in 1974. Unfortunately, I have had a major system crash and had not had time to save the photos. If you sent them to me, could you please email me at and re-send the photos. My apologies.

 Introduction, What this Site is all about
 Biography of Kenny Blake, details of his life and his racing career
 Photos of Ken, mostly taken in and around NSW and Victoria. Especially note the last 3 photos
 Interview, with champion rider and tuner, Tony Hatton
 Interview, with Michael Cole, former Honda Works rider
 Contact Details, how to contact other Kenny Blake fans
 Laverton 1976, the story of one of Ken's greatest wins
 Personal Memories, some ramblings about Ken
 Motorcycle Links, where to go to get more motorcycle info

Please feel free to e-mail me with any other links that you have found. I'll be happy to add them to the site if they are suitable. If you have any articles, stories or anecdotes about Ken, please forward them also. I am especially looking for good quality colour photos to add to the photos page If you have any that would be suitable, you can either scan them and send the images as .jpg files to me, or copy the photos and send the prints to me and I'll scan them in.

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