This Site, as you have seen, is devoted to commemorating the life of one of Australia's greatest ever road racers, Ken Blake.

Ken, as most will know, was tragically killed at the Isle of Man on Tuesday, June 9th 1981, robbing the world and Australia of one of the finest practitioners of the sport as well as one of the finest gentlemen to have ever strapped on a helmet.

In this site we chronicle his career, his unmatched record in Production Bike racing, his versatility and his humanity. If it can be said that one rider came close to perfection both on and off the track, then it may be said of Ken Blake.

I count it a privilege to have watched him score some of his most meritorious victories. More than that, I count it a privilege to have known Ken as a friend and to have shared, at least a little, in the more private side of this humble and self-effacing man.

The tributes that you will read here are not the result of time enhancing the memory. Many were made at the time, for I never, ever, heard one person who had had any dealings at all with Ken, who had a bad word to say about him. William Shakespeare once wrote, "Good name in man or woman, sir my dear, is the immediate jewel of their soul." If ever a man bore a good name that was respected and admired as much in life as in death, it was Ken Blake.

I hope you enjoy reading about him. If you saw him race or knew him, I trust the recollections contained in this issue bring back many wonderful memories. If you did not, I hope the articles here will give you some sort of insight into the character of a man who was loved and admired by all who knew him and who was a jewel and an adornment to the sport he loved.

Phil Hall

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