Kevin Johnson is one of Australia's enduring singer/songwriters whose early recordings forged a path into the lucrative American music market for a great many talented Australian performers who were to follow him. With songs like "Bonnie, Please Don't Go" and "Rock and Roll, I Gave you All the Best Years of My Life", he brought Australian singers, musicians and song writers to the notice of a wider audience than had been aware of them before.

Through more than 20 years, Kevin Johnson has maintained his passion for songwriting and has put into words and music the thoughts, aspirations and experiences of many other musicians as well as ordinary people. His reflective songs stir many memories and emotions and his joyous songs show that, even at his most serious, there is a zest for life that has not dimmed through the years.

This site is dedicated to the man and his music and we hope that everyone who has an interest in Australian music of any kind, will visit here and be delighted and encouraged through our depiction of this talented and extraordinary Australian. We also recommend that you visit the new Official Kevin Johnson web site


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